Blue Faith

by Carl Weingarten



It took Carl Weingarten 5 years to compose and to arrange this album. "Blue faith" is a sensitive, simply great, varied instrumental album with a sophisticated mixture of instrumental progressive rock (more acoustic), ambient jazz, ambient space jazz, world music and some slight ambient electro tunes.

I'd like to pick out just a few songs: Illumina suite combines angel-alike choir arrangements with classical guitar, cello and magic percussion. Great ! China March features flute, jazzy trumpet, piano and acoustic guitar (a bit ECM-style jazz). Shanghaiway brings in some chinese atmosphere showing the world music can be very progressive. Red Night offers progressive space rock mixed with ambient electro. The dream unfurled lets drift your sould away in pacistanian medition tunes. The old stone path sounds like a haunting mystery, The shadow returns seems to be a 5-minute-progrock soundtrack, Come with me gives you great world-folk and Angel's fever makes you spread your wings and fly into a progressive new-age sunset.

Great sound, lots of influences and impression make this CD a "must-buy" for open minded fans of progressive music. Die hard progfans should keep their hands off and hide behind their Genesis vinyls ... but all those who can imagine to like progressive music mixed with world music, jazz influences and ambient sound paintings, should check out this CD ... this is art ! --Markus Weis,


released January 4, 2016

Carl Weingarten - guitars, slide guitars, dobro, ebow, keyboard, fx
Dan Reiter - cello
Joe Venegoni - hammer dulcimer, percussion
Marc Pale - keyboards
Michael Manring - electric/acoustic bass
Kat Epple - flutes
Tom Whitehead - piano
Barbara Else - flutes
Bill Ortiz - trumpet
Jim Prescott - acoustic bass
Jie-Bing Chen - erhu
Mark Epstein - bass
Robert Powell - pedal steel
Barry Cleveland - guitars, percussion
Bruce Levin - drums
Sukhawat Ali Khan - vocals
Anna Karney - piano
Forrest Fang - violin
Susan McGowan - vocals



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Carl Weingarten Alameda, California

"Carl Weingarten is an American guitarist, photographer, and founder of the independent music label Multiphase Records. Regarded as "one of the truly great indie musicians working today" by the San Francisco Chronicle,[1] he is best known for his atmospheric sound and use of the slide guitar and Dobro. Weingarten has played a significant role in progressive underground music for nearly 30 years" ... more

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